A Marketing Outing to The Goose Station

This November we are launching a new course that will introduce students to different world cuisines while at the same time teaching them modern techniques of cooking. My husband and I are firm believers that you need to eat and experience food in order for you to understand the process of creating a dish.

Since modern cooking is relatively new to our country, it’s normal for people not to have experienced eating food prepared in this way. This is why I brought my Marketing team to The Goose Station so that Chef Rob may be able to explain what modern cooking is as they ate the food that he prepared.

It was a great night for both our brains and our tummys. Thank you to everyone at The Goose Station for making this a delectable learning experience for us all. We are now starting to accept students and applicants for our Superior Diploma in Global Academy Makati so please call Irish at 5197199 for any inquiries you may have regarding this unique course and find out how you can have an edge above the rest in the culinary industry.IMG_6925IMG_6926IMG_6927IMG_6924IMG_6929 IMG_6930 IMG_6931 IMG_6932 IMG_6933 IMG_6937 IMG_6938 IMG_6940 IMG_6942 IMG_6944 IMG_6946 IMG_6949 IMG_6950 IMG_6951 IMG_6953 IMG_6955 IMG_6956

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