2nd Benefit Dinner food photos

I am still waiting for the official photos from that night so these are only photos that I took using my phone. Benny, Rob and I came to this dinner looking forward to our freedom of being able to eat what we want. We all just finished doing our Paleo Challenge which required us to eat no carbs, starch, soy, fish sauce and anything that had preservatives so we were really looking forward to eating our hearts out for this night.

The menu was made by Chefs Brando Santos and Joan Fajardo and our Cuisine and Pastry Chefs helped them cook and plate the food that night. I loved the progression of the food and the sweet ending to the night. Thank you to our Global Academy Family who helped make this night a success once again. Everything is always a team effort and this was a spectacular night Team Global Academy!
IMG_5772IMG_5769IMG_5760Bread: Rye Bread with Caramelized Onion, Herbed Brioche and Pane Toscano
IMG_5767Compound Butter: Whipped Catalan Butter
IMG_5773Amuse Bouche: Sear Urchin Mousse, Lardo Strips, Lump Fish Caviar and Micro Arugula
IMG_5774Soup: Puree of Pea and Bacon with Chorizo Cigar
IMG_5776Salad: Nicoise 2013 – Baby Mesclun with Tangy Vinaigrette Seared Tuna, Poached Quail Egg, Cherry Tomato Confit Potato Croquette, Haricovert, Anchovy Cream and Black Olive Oil
IMG_5778Hot Appetizer: Pappardelle with Truffle Onion Cream Red Eggs and Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms (This was my favorite dish! I loved how Chef Brando was able to incorporate some filipino flavor to this dish)
IMG_5780Fish: Pan-Seared Salmon with Roast Garlic Potato Mash, Shellfish-Fennel Nage, Poeached Prawns, and Broccoli FloretsIMG_5785Intermezzo: Poached Pear with Orange Sorbet (really refreshing and something new to the palette)
IMG_5789Beef: Braised Pave of US Beef Shortribs with Lemon Risotto, Sherry Wine Jus and Glazed Vegetable Meli Melo (The carnivors were very happy with this dish. The meat was so tender and tasty!)
IMG_5793Pre Dessert: Strawberry Macaron with Mascarpone Cheese and Zabaglione Filling
IMG_5797Dessert: Sacher Torte served with Apricot Mousse, Anglaise and Raspberry Caviar (I loved this dish so much that I got a second serving of it!)

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