Chef Rob shares his rationale behind The Rizal Menu of The Goose Station

For about 2 years we at The Goose Station have been experimenting with reinventing Filipino cuisine. We had an aim of becoming relevant not just locally but also globally and we believed that the only way to do it was to produce something that was both local and world class. 

After much failures here and there, we eventually hit the idea: “what if food is more than just the recipe?  What if it becomes the vehicle of an idea or a message? The message: reminding Filipinos certain moments in time when the country or her people have shined or become trully world class…” This idea appealed to us from the moment of its inception. Our culture and heritage is immensely rich and full of character. Our food was an untapped resource waiting to be re-introduced to the world. This gave birth to our first concept: The Life of Jose Rizal. In my opinion, he is one of the most outstanding Filipinos who ever lived. He is unsellfish, intelligent and admired for his selflessness, courage, vision and he had so much more “honorable” values with loads of substance… Nowadays too many people are celbrated for less….

We took his life story, chose his quotes as well as the situation he was in and even the emotions he may have felt at those times and used these as anchors to our creation. For example, if the idea was something happy so was the dish.. if the idea was angry, we tried to reflect it in the dish and not just by looks but by concept and flavors most importantly.
This method is extremely significatnt to use because our old style based on “memory” cooking was heavily centered on our past experiences: what we ate, what we learned, what we saw.. and we used this, like many other chefs and created original food based on this. Now, with this new style, there is no reference other than a non-food concept but rather one of culture, heritage and historical pride.
This new style of ours we call “discovery”, we are trying to discover a new style of FIlipino cooking and we cannot be more excited. No more buying cookbooks getting inspiration from Spanish or Scandanavian chefs. The inspiration now comes from us, from everyone, from everything Filipino!!!!! We no longer try to do what others have done before. We, in the global scale of things, are doing something uniquely our own and uniquely Filipino at that… such an exciting time for us at the restaurant because this is such a new way of creating food and a new way of dining as well. When was the last time you ate food and felt what someone who lived a hundred years ago was probably feeling? Exactly! It’s so much more than tweaking recipes now, we are creating OUR (no THE) new cuisine and not only does it feed people it gives them a glimpse into national pride as well…..                       – CHEF ROB
Here are some photos from the Gastrogig in Singapore where Chef Rob and his team were invited to serve The Rizal Menu to hundreds of local and international foodies who graced this event. It truly was a great honor for The Goose Station to have been able to represent our country in such a prestigious event.

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