Catch Chef Him Uy De Baron in Global Academy

We at Global Academy are very proud to bring one of the most well-known Chefs in the country today to the Epicurean Lab. Chef Him Uy De Baron will be conducting 2 demo classes from 9am-12nn on Sept. 25 & 28.

Chef Him has had years of experience in the food industry doing caterings and being a consultant to numerous restaurants and establishments around the Metro. Let him be able to impart his knowledge to you all when you attend his class and ask him questions to make it a more meaningful learning experience. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to learn from an expert in the food industry!

In line with his classes with us for the month of September, Chef Him is celebrating the 1st year anniversary of his restaurant in Timog, Nomama. For this month, he is giving out P1 ramens for your second order. Check out their poster and call them to ask for more information about the events that they have lined up for their anniversary month!

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