Internship Diary #4: Wynman Lim


Name: Wynman Lim

Course & Batch:  Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts B40

Branch: Pasig  

Internship Venue: Manila Hotel

People have their own unique ways of achieving their targets and deadlines. And that’s what Wynman Lim of B40 from Pasig scrutinized while he was having his internship. –“I learned a great deal of things about the culinary practice during my on the job training. I got to see some different techniques used by professionals to get their job done. I saw that everyone had their own ways of doing something, not until I spent time at the butchery did I get to see different ways of deboning a chicken but the result was always the same.”

Mr. Lim was assigned in different kitchen stations in Manila Hotel hence his skills were honed in various ways.

Excerpts from his journal:

v  I got assigned to the hotel’s cafeteria. From morning to noon I got to chop, slice and dice vegetables in volumes. I got to try and test different approaches to best fabricate vegetables and I felt a sense of fulfilment every time I felt I could fabricate a vegetable efficiently.

v  The next few weeks I was assigned to different kitchen areas which didn’t have the same volume of work as the cafeteria. I got assigned to station kitchens for the hotel’s buffet restaurant.

  • Thai Kitchen: I got to see 1st hand how Thai food is made. Now I love Thai food especially its characteristic combination of flavours, to observe and see and note down the staples to build those flavours were invaluable. Most of my tasks here were to help mise en place, so not much cooking done, except for deep frying spring rolls.
  • Chinese Kitchen: I didn’t get to cook here because they already have an adequate staff… But I still managed to learn important things such as their staples which the nice cooks taught me.
  • Korean Kitchen: I spent time at the Korean kitchen manning the station and help out at their kitchen… I learned some of their important staples such as; gochujang, doenjang and ssamjang. Also got to always help in making batches of kimchi where they use Baguio pechay.

Now in between those kitchen assignments and when work is done where I’m assigned I would visit and spend time at the Japanese outlet where I got to know the chefs working there who were nice enough to let me make sushi rolls, teach me the proper cutting techniques while using their sushi knives.

Most of my time was spent at the butcher section where I got to debone hundreds and hundreds of chicken everyday (with some days being the exception). I got to fabricate chicken, fish, meat most of the time always with the goal of being quicker and more efficient… Everyone taught me techniques that they use which I use now cooking at home.

So all in all this on the job training was a good opportunity for me to learn and to practice what my good Chef instructors from school has taught me. I’m thankful for what Global Academy has taught me: the important knowledge of sound basics would greatly help me as I pursue this culinary profession.

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