Internship Diary – 3rd Entry


Name: Kristine Jane Tanlimco

Course & Batch: DBPA – Batch 3

Branch: Timog

Internship Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Thomas Fuller once said “All things are difficult before they are easy”.  And that saying best describes how life in the kitchen goes.  Kristine Jane Tanlimco admits “I’m also worried if I can easily get along with the current pastry kitchen staff. For sure this training experience will test me, my patience, my interpersonal skills, my knowledge and specially my skills”. – Patience is all we need and gladly Kristine demonstrated how genuine her patience was while accomplishing her internship. Being new to a place with unfamiliar faces and dissimilar personalities will drive you to show your best self.

Acknowledging your shortcomings will help you establish an unyielding foundation which you’ll need in achieving your goals in life. Kristine Jane confesses “The first thing I noticed and I need to improve on is my speed in doing tasks. Do it fast, but with quality… I know when I started, I worked slowly. Even if other chefs do not explicitly tell me, I know I have to work hard and speed up. And so, I try to do so and practice working fast and cleanly and with quality.” – Recognizing your limitations implies that you are open to changes and that you are allowing yourself to grow competently. It also shows that you are on your way to improving your inadequacy, thus fleeing with solutions became your armor in this internship.

She took Diploma in Professional Baking & Pastry Arts and must render 320 hours in her internship at Mandarin Oriental Hotel; hence she was stationed only at the Pastry section of the hotel- Paseo Uno, there, her expertise will be maximized.

Excerpts from her journal:

Week 1- Week 5


Pastry Kitchen / Paseo Uno / Chocolate Room

–        My day starts preparing

  • Bibingka
  • Crepe
  • Halo-Halo
  • Ice cream
  • Cotton Candy
  • Bread and Butter pudding

These were the usual stuff that we prepare for Paseo Uno. When the day ends, we need to prepare again for the coming day ahead.

–        Inside the pastry kitchen. I got to try different things. Although it is evident that what is prepared everyday is routinary, you can really master it after doing it for 5 straight days.

–        I visited the chocolate room and saw that chef needed some help finishing up the chocolates by making it glittery. Even though it’s already the end of my shift, I stayed and helped out. – How rewarding to know that you’ve worked beyond your working hours, indeed you’ve shown genuine dedication to your craft. Two thumbs up for you.

My stay in my internship taught me a lot of things. But mostly, it helped me that my dreams and plans for the future are still possible. Opening a restaurant café, that shares exquisite desserts to its customers and patrons. I hope that this experience aides me in my future career plans. Having my own restaurant café, I must remember to apply what I learned in my internship experience. Work fast and with quality, let your imagination fly to be able to create unique and exquisite products and tastes. Good luck to me! – You really must get the full benefit of your experience in your internship, share it at make use of it, and then pursue your dream of having that Restaurant Café that you’ve always wanted.  And grab all the opportunities that will come your way and as you’ve said let your imagination fly and you too must fly with thoughts Kristine. Job well done!

-Tina Cusi (Global Academy Marketing Assistant)

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