Internship Diary – 2nd Entry


Name: Kathleen Corazon B. Escaño

Course & Batch: GD: DCPA: B33 CBPA B13

Branch: Pasig

Internship Venue: Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Really, size doesn’t matter, that’s what Kathleen Corazon B. Escaño’s words imply when she inscribed these in her journal as she was doing her first few weeks in butchery “Regardless of my petite size I was able to do all tasks whether be it 5 kilos of chicken breast, 2 kilos of shrimp as even my first assignment 15 kilos of chicken pardon” – if you really put your heart to what you’re doing, obstacles are invisible.

She also acknowledged her inadequacy in butchery: “Butchery isn’t really one of my highest grades back in level one so I guess if I’m to take butchery class now I can be more confident in cutting meats and seafood with a smile”. – After accomplishing her internship, she can now show great aplomb in cutting meats and seafood. This where the saying “practice makes perfect” applies.

Her decision in taking Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts has helped her become a well rounded novice in her internship since she was assigned in 3 different stations at Richmonde Hotel (Butchery, Pastry & Hot Kitchen).

Excerpts from her journal:

 Week 1 -6 at the Butchery

–       I was asked “where do you want to be assigned?” I said “anywhere” as they placed me at the butchery.

–       In my first day my tasks were to Dice tomatoes, remove squid eyes, chicken strips, sliced squid, fish, kikiam balls, calamari…small-medium dice cream dory + shrimp + squid (almost 5 kilos) assist Chef Jen on marinade, assist Chef Bong in stuffing squids. Learned that butchery= one stroke, proper grip, sliding blade etc. –fun & what a first a day  hehe. – Your first day may have been really hectic but you’ve showed the spirit of enthusiasm in gaining experience and that’s where learning starts!

–       I also learned to use the vacuum packing machine & the meat grinder which I can already assemble.

–       I also check the quality of beef (red) squid (smell like sea) chicken & pork (no green discoloration)

Week 6 -10 Pastry

–       Christmas time! I helped in the e-café set up & garnish. I also learned to make chocolate garnishing on acetate, playing with paper cones to create different garnishes.

–       I cooked butchi. I baked puto, banana bread/cake? Tiramisu, bain marie first, chocolate mousse etc.

–       I also learned that pate-a-choux can also be used ala churros! I learned how to make brazo from scratch to finish which was fun.

I know that Pasty is one of my forte. Yet I have so much to learn especially when it comes to production.  Here in Pastry, same as what we were taught in school, the methods are important & proper procedure like folding, tempering, whisking and caramelizing sugar.  I was called the “tart girl” because I make tarts pretty – harmony is one of the things you’ve learned in Global Academy hence methods taught in school are certainly standardized with hotels and restaurants. Making an identity in the kitchen is a great thing also “tart girl”!

Week 11 – 14 Hot Kitchen

Hot kitchen. Hot. Intense. Everything is in motion.

–       Chopped bell peppers, shredded cabbage, sorted basil & spinach, assist in show kitchen, I was supposed to cook for the show (tempura) but prohibited by the sous Chef because I was a practicumer.

–       I was at the Hot Kitchen during Valentine’s Day; I made 120+ hearts or 130+ hearts (potatoes) and help out on some carrots to be carved to small ones. I peeled more asparagus than ever. I learned to cut broccoli stem in a stylish way.

I certainly enjoyed the mood in the Hot Kitchen, where you can feel the tense & claying of pans, opening of hot cabinets, screaming for refills. Weird but I like it!

I basically enjoyed my internship at Richmonde Hotel. It helped me be more aware of everything in the kitchen. I learned to appreciate the cuts, skills, techniques and how everything in the kitchen works together (Teamwork).

Being self-effacing and aficionada will help one to grow professionally. And gladly Kathleen showed eminence of an eager neophyte. Her keenness to learn and gain significantly helped her to accomplish her internship. Continue to grow and always have that enthusiasm in taking new knowledge.

-Tina Cusi (Global Academy Marketing Assistant in Pasig)

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