Chef J Saycon talks about his continuing education in Macaron Bangkok

Studying, at this point in time in my chosen field is a luxury. Teaching is one half my chosen profession the other half is in professional kitchens. I am a Chef instructor. I straddle two worlds, one is the serenity and peaceful exchange of ideas of a classroom and the other is the controlled, timed somewhat chaotic world of professional kitchens. I teach aspiring culinarians the tools they will need to be successful in their chosen field. My field! To be a successful instructor I believe you should have the tools both physically and mentally with the ability to update your craft from time to time. Food service is a very dynamic and fast paced industry. New innovations in techniques, processes and equipments are the norm. As an instructor you want to be able to impart these latest techniques and processes to your students. To be able to teach them the basics and the classics but still keeping an eye to the future, to still be relevant in today’s world.

I am lucky to have joined an institution which invests in not just the right equipment and facilities for the people who work for it, but one that invests in the knowledge of its instructors and employees. They gave me the chance to grow by sending me abroad to study under an international award winning French Master Patissier. My time in Macaron was nothing short of amazing, working alongside and training under Eric Perez was eye opening. He showed me new techniques and processes in Pastry, Chocolates, Verrines and Cakes. Eric showed me how to use new ingredients and flavors and how to incorporate them to classic pastry. To think outside the box to be able to assess what type of equipment, what type of ingredients would work well together and how best to maximize and utilize them to the fullest. To this day I have a new found respect for the ubiquitous microwave oven often dismissed in my profession as a housewife’s tool but so indispensable in the production of chocolate bonbons and pralines. My time at Macaron under Eric also reinforced the basic techniques taught to me years ago by my former instructors. Aside from that he updated my knowledge on the subject matter.

After my experience at Macaron I came home with a renewed sense of purpose, a new zeal. I wanted to impart everything I had learned there. It really refreshed my outlook on teaching and equipped me on how to better teach my students. It made me a better teacher, cook and baker. That is why I am forever grateful to have joined an institution who invests in the growth of the people it employs.

Thank you, Global.

Chef Instructor

JJ Brian G. Saycon

Chef J was the first instructor to receive his continuing education from Global last year and here are some photos of him and where he studied:I will be posting more photos from Chef J’s continuing education in a separate blog. For all the lovers of sweets, you would want to see them so watch out for that!

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