Iggy’s in Singapore

We decided to eat in Iggy’s because it has been voted #1 restaurant in Asia by the Miele Guide 2011/2012 and we wanted to be able to sample their food. We were only available during the day so we had to eat their lunch menu.

What I liked about Iggy’s is that they used modern cooking techniques in the dishes they served so their food was served with a certain flair. I wasn’t blown away by their mains, they were good but I expected more. Their starters and desserts were great! Such wonderful play on flavors and they were presented beautifully.

I vow to go back and try their dinner menu because Chef Miah said that their dinner was superb and so much better than their lunch so I’m definitely curious and I would want to be able to taste it.

Here are some of our photos from Iggy’s:

Amuse Bouche
Amuse BoucheSALMON: Blood Orange, basil, savoy cabbage
SALMON: Blood Orange, basil, savoy cabbage (after they poured the blood orange using liquid nitrogen)GILLDARDEAU OYSTER: Sago pearls, lemon, ohba
FOIE GRAS: Chawanmushi, shimeji, poultry jus
FOIE GRAS: Chawanmushi, shimeji, poultry jusSPAGHETTINI: Spring peas, zucchini, bottarga
VENISON: Pumpkin, black pepper, coffee
SEABREAM: Caviar aubergine, tomato, thyme
SPICY MANGO: Greek yoghurt, lime, white sesame
PEANUT: Green apple, celery, puffed rice
KAYA & TEH TARIK: Brioche French toast, coconut, pandan
With the Chefs of Iggy’s in the kitchen

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