A letter from Chef Rob to all Global Academy Students and Alumni

Dear Future Chefs,


I co-founded Global Academy in order to make quality education affordable for most. After five full years I have witnessed Global grow to a record breaking 4 branches in Metro Manila, our students place on the very top of both local and foreign competitions and our graduates working all over the world from cruise ships, hotels and even in Michelin starred restaurants.

The international food industry is full of opportunities; however, the competition from your peers is more than it has ever been as well. Because of this, I, together with Chef Gigi Almeda, have designed the next innovation in Philippine culinary education: The Superior Diploma.

I have trained around the world under Michelin starred chefs and in internationally acclaimed restaurants and the standard is just something you do not easily find in our country. The Superior Diploma introduces you, the student, to theories, lessons and techniques needed to practice the art of professional cooking at the Highest level. As you go through this program you will learn about career planning, traditional cuisines, creativity in menus, modern cooking methods and many more. A lot of these topics, which are so important for succeeding internationally, is not available anywhere in the country in my opinion other than in the Epicurean Lab of Global Academy.

I have always wanted for Global to be number one. While I, together with many, believe that we already are the number one school in the Philippines with some of the best graduates now all around the world; Our Superior Diploma carries with it the hope of taking us closer to greater heights in our Asian region. I urge everyone to not only try and become a good chef in our country, but a great chef for the world. This can only be attained by having global awareness, up-to-date skills, knowledge and a strong plan for success.

I wish you all good luck in your careers. Remember that we are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act but rather a habit.


Chef Rob Pengson

Co-Founder Global Academy


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