Global Academy wins 7 medals at the FHA Culinary Challenge in Singapore!

The Global Academy team went to Singapore last April 15 – 21, 2012 to compete in the FHA Culinary Challenge. It was our first time to go to Singapore and join this competition and we are proud to go home with 7 medals from this prestigious competition!

Congratulations to:

1. Chef Mike Yap for winning a silver medal in Seize-a-Salad. He was the only contestant to place among 5 participants.

2. Chef Martha Ebro for winning a silver medal in The Plated Desserts Category. It was Chef Martha’s first time to compete under Global Academy as our Baking Program Director.

3. Chef Brando Santos for winning the highest silver in his heat for East Meets West. Special thanks to Chef Brando as well for getting our sponsors this year =)

4. Chef Terence Fereday for winning a bronze medal in the Field and Forrest Category.

5. Chef Jeremiah Go for winning a bronze medal in the East Meets West Category.

6. Chef Gerd Gendrano for winning a bronze medal in the Neptune’s Catch Category.

7. Students Mindy Kaur & Nexil Palabrica who won bronze medals for the Two to Tango category. They were coached by Timog Head Chef Jun Manalo.

Your Global Academy Family is so proud of all you and we would like to thank you all for the hard work that you have done in preparation for this competition!

We would also like to thank our sponsors Lowtemp Corporation, Tramontina, Barrio Fiesta, Gourdo’s, Werdenberg International Corporation, Birkenstock, PCSO, Easiyo, KLG International, Rubbermaid, Focus Global Inc., Kitchen Aid, ESV International, Fusion Chef by Julabo, Mind Mover Publishing House, Carb Trim by Unilab, Beryl’s Gourmet Fine Chocolate, Conaprole, Uni-ideas, and Chef Manager for your continued generous support and for making this event a huge success for the school!

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