The road leading up to FHA 2012!

Our competition in Singapore is getting closer and we are all preparing for our 2nd International Competition. Last monday, our teacher and student delegates practiced all together in our Makati Branch. I was able to take some photos with my phone but I’ll be posting official photos soon.

Everyone was a jumble of nerves, which was to be expected. Chefs were giving constructive criticisms to one another while brainstorming about how to improve everyone’s chances of winning.

This year we will be sending 2 student delegates once again, Mindy & Nexil, who are being trained under Chef Jun Manalo. The difference with our student delegates this year is that they are in a team competition as compared to Jacq & Cheenee last year who both joined individual categories in Hong Kong.

The Chefs that we’ll be sending out this year to compete are: Chef Mike Yap for Seize-a-Salad, Chef Martha Ebro for Plated Desserts, Chef Brando Santos for East Meets West, Chef Jeremiah Go for East Meets West, Chef Terence Fereday for Field and Forrest, Chef Gerd Gendrano for Neptune’s Catch and Chef Roel Vargas for Pastry Showpiece. We have a lot of Chefs this year competing for the first time and we are all excited for them to experience how it is to compete in the global arena. It is also our first time to send a Baking Team that’s why we are also looking forward to what Chef Martha and Chef Roel will be able to come up with.

Here are some photos from last monday:
Mindy starting to plate her dish
Chef T doing his prep
Mindy finishing her 4th plate
Nexil getting his starch done
Nexil plating
Chef Greg studying their dishes
Mindy’s dish
Nexil’s dish
Brainstorming how to improve the dishes
Chef Miah plating
Adding Caviar for his final touch
Chef Miah’s dish
Chef Martha doing all her prep
FHA Jackets have arrived! Thank you to all our sponsors. Your support means a lot to us and we are grateful for all your help and belief in us.
Our students are excited to wear their FHA Jackets =)

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