Global Academy Field Trip to St. Luke’s Medical Center & The Goose Station

I asked one of our students, Nick Tabios, to write about his culinary field trip and this is what he shared with us:

Last February, our class attended Global Academy Culinary and Hospitality’s first culinary field trip. We visited St Luke’s in Global City and had lunch in The Goose Station after. It was a great experience since we were able to see two different kitchens in action.

Possibly the cleanest kitchen in the country, St Luke`s culinary department is very unique in that both dietary and gastronomic concerns are factored in preparing patients’ meals. Not only should they be healthy, they should also be very culinary exceptional. Premium healthcare made better with great food.

Global’s Chef Brando, who set up St Luke’s kitchen and culinary team, was kind enough to tour us around the facilities. St Luke’s Executive Chef Toby was also there to answer any of our questions. It was a pleasant surprise to see that their kitchen actually uses cutting-edge culinary equipment. This is to address special dietary concerns and this actually forces them to think outside of the box. Truly in the kitchen, we are only limited by our imagination.

After that it was lunch at The Goose Station. This award winning restaurant is the school’s very own mad lab. Some people call it fine dining. Some people call it molecular gastronomy. Simply call it great food, no explanations needed.

The Goose Station’s Chef Ogie was gracious enough to host our group and show us the kitchen. It’s amazing how small kitchens with passionate people can dish out nirvana. Chef Jerome and Chef Myles, former Global students, were also kind enough to answer any of our questions and share war stories and culinary myths.

Thank you Global Academy Culinary and Hospitality for the culinary field trip! It’s a school activity that should not be missed. As culinary students, we learn not just within the walls of the classroom or the kitchen but also thru the experience of others.

Here are photos from their fieldtrip:

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