Internship diary – entry 1

I have decided to share with you guys the different experiences of our students as they undergo their internship. You may be able to relate to them or if you plan to take up culinary arts then this is what you can expect.


Name:  Maria Frances Joyce S. Teresa
Course and Batch #:  DPCA, Batch 36
Branch: Pasig
Internship venue:  Oakwood Premier Manila
Add:  17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
“I want to do this for a living. I want to become a Chef. That is the thing that became clear after this internship.”—these were the exact words written on Maria Frances Joyce S. Teresa’s Student Internship Journal that best describe her realization after her internship in the Oakwood, Oakroom Restaurant. It was a challenging and humbling 3-month-experience of follow-up rants, pizza- making, preparing of sauces, vegetable cutting and hating food hazards for this young and passionate graduate of Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts during her internship.  She admits that the journey was not easy but it is definitely worth it for now she is not only armed with knowledge and skills but with character and experience as well.
Excerpts from her journal:
Nov 24, 2011
– My first day at Oakwood Oakroom Restaurant, they had a Thanksgiving service. I was assigned to make paper thin cuts of beef (a lot of beef!), peeling of potatoes (1 sack to be specific) and prep of apples for the ala carte salads that night!
Dec 5-11, 2011
-I had a nervous moment this week when our exec. chef, Chef Jerome stood beside me, watching as I was toasting the pizzacrust ont the flat top during lunch service. He just stood there, he said nothing though but I tensed up.. Haha! Thankfully nothing went wrong… He also said while I was arranging the Friday delivery of vegetables w/ Chef Joc (a great chef from the banquet) “You’re right Jac, girls are more efficient than boys.” That made me smile, because you see, during the morning shift, there are more girls present compared to boys.. and I can proudly say that women do run the kitchen well.
January 9-15, 2012
Week 8 (last week)
This internship really has taught me a lot of knowledge in all the aspects of the kitchen and even though I was only able to spend very little time in oakroom, I can truly say that I have grown mentally as an aspiring culinary intern. I’m thankful for all the crew, stewards, chefs and dining people that I had the pleasure of working with. Now I have more faith in myself in the kitchen, I trust myself instincts now more than ever. I’m grateful to be a part of this ‘secret society’ with its own language and customs, to be able to enjoy the instant gratification of making something good with one’s hands using all one’s senses, it is the purest and unselfish way of giving pleasure.  Looking back now, I know that I attained a lot of valuable knowledge in this internship that I will surely practice in the future. Thank you.
“It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” – Ramsey

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