Global Academy’s Newest Industry Partner: Tramontina


Tramontina, a Brazilian company, started as a small blacksmiths in the south of Brazil, in Carlos Barbosa city, in 1911. The founder, Valentin Tramontina, would have had no idea that 100 years later, Tramontina would be in the present day operating in both national and international markets.

The diversity of 10 manufacturing plants includes more than 17,000 items aimed at the segments of domestic utilities, tools, electric materials, tables, chairs and kitchen equipment. It is through innovation and diversification that Tramontina strives to satisfy customers and consumers , who use the products in the most varied domestic and professional activities.

Producing thousands of products each month, the company constantly invests in modernization of stocking and logistic processes so as to better serve the market. In Brazil, it has 5 Distribution Centers and 5 Regional Sales Offices strategically located in a manner to ensure maximum speed in product delivery. With exports to over 120 countries, it has 6 Distribution Centers and 2 Sales Offices located abroad. This entire infrastructure provides the support needed for an efficient distribution system. Each manufacturing unit and distribution unit is independent, bu­t they all rely on the Central Office, located in Carlos Barbosa, for the definition of general company guidelines.

Due to Tramontina’s commitment to conscious and responsible management, not only in the quality of the products it manufactures, but through its actions for the good of the planet and its future generations, it implements treatment processes for solid waste, liquid effluents and atmospheric emissions with quality standards that comply with the specifications of Brazilian and international environmental agencies. Attention to the environment also includes care for conservation areas and investments in production forest projects. Harmonizing productivity and respect for the environment not only constitutes a competitive differential, but also a commitment to sustainable development.

Innovation, design, technology and, above all, human capital are trademark building blocks of this company. To Tramontina, people are by far the most important, and so, it focus on the professional and personal development of our team, which surpasses a total of 6,000 employees.

Since the beginning of its history, it has always placed trust in people and, slowly but surely, it has also earned trust, establishing important partnerships that have allowed the company to grow in the market and, above all, create relationships based on mutual respect. This is Tramontina. The principles of trust, partnership and respect guide all of their business, generating positive results for their partners, as well as their customers and consumers. This is Tramontina: 100 years going strong, with a lot of energy and looking to the future.

Please click on the link below to view their video in YouTube:

As 2012 ushered in an exciting, brand new year it also signaled the start of a great partnership between two of the industry’s finest in culinary education and uniform specialty – Global Academy and Uni-Ideas Enterprises.

This year, bars are raised as Uni-Ideas (UI) officially assumes its role as exclusive uniform kitchen knives and clogs supplier across all branches of Global Academy – the latter sharing the ranks of UI’s other equally celebrated and distinguished roster of clientele. UI continues to change the landscape one kitchen at a time with its high commitment to excellence in bringing excellent products to everyone.

UI has, of course, made a name for itself in the different institutions and foodservice companies as a very reliable and quality-oriented company – that with its extensive collection of premium protective gears and accessories, including top brands Brazilian-made Tramontina Knives, Shoes for Crews and its very own uniform line – Chef Manager.

With safety and protection as its highest priority UI’s line of products remains true to form with its thrust of being ‘a recipe for taste’… and ‘an ingredient for safety’ through the great products it carries under its name – all for the service of the industry.

*Tramontina Knives are now available at Global Academy in Makati, Timog, Pasig and Alabang 

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