Behind the scenes photos from our AVP shoot

The 3rd week of december was a very busy time for us. School was out so we had the branches to ourselves and we did all the photoshoots and video tapping that we had to finish in preparation for next year’s collaterals.

I’d like to thank Alchemist once again for helping us out with all our production, Bambi Navarro for hair and make-up and all the Chefs, students and other talents that helped out to make this possible.

Hope you guys enjoy looking at these photos:Chef Greg’s model look ;p
Chef Rob gets a hair cut from BambiChef Benny helps out and does prep for Chef Rob
Prep Prep PrepMore Prep!
Creating Chef Greg’s dish, the only thing missing is the duck
Chef Greg does his sceneChef Angela prepares to do hers next
Chef Brando helps out
Chef Brando is back to being a student!
Presenting–Chef Rob and his students!
Chef Benny is back in the kitchen
Practicing for the scene
Chef Rob’s creation
A dozen plated dishes
Start of Day 2
Chef Rob with his salmon or what’s left of it
Another one!
Making our afternoon staff snack with Liquid Nitrogen–How cool is that?!
Direk AB is asked to sample our snack made with liquid nitrogen
He approves!!!!!
Another dish from Chef Rob
Dish from Chef Rob & Chef Gigi
Dish from Chef Rob
Dish made by Chef Gigi
Using instagram on the photo

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