Can’t get enough of The Goose Station

A korean friend of mine, Rina, is about to leave the country and she said that she wanted to be able to eat in a really good restaurant here before she leaves. Naturally, I told her that she had to try eating in The Goose Station because it is technically no.1 here in Manila according to the 2011/2012 Miele Guide since the top 2 are from tagaytay.

Chef Rob was there to entertain us and he explained how they came about making each dish and what the components of each dish were to my friends. Both Ginger and Rina loved the food and I’m happy to have been able to take them to my favorite restaurant.

Here are photos from that night:Foie Gras Cone
Sour cream potato chip, jamon croquette, mais con yeloFried Oysters – I don’t normally eat oysters that’s why I surprised myself by wanting some more of this dish
One of my most favorite dishes ever!!!! This is just to die for and one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant — Eggs Benedict
Beet and Carrot Garden Salad — this dish truly makes you eat with your eyes. It’s so pretty and unique from all the garden salads available in restaurants everywhere
Fideua Negra, roasted scallop, morcilla
Fideua Negra, roasted scallop, morcilla, anchovy aioliΒ – with the aioli nowQuail & foie gras before the cauliflower foamChef rob’s hand as he puts the cauliflower foam on my dishQuail & foie gras with cauliflower foamDessert Buffet! — Chef Rob knows that this is my favorite part of any meal so he decided to give us a smorgasbord of desserts to satisfy our sweet cravings for the night!
This is their version of a “cheeseburger” super yummy macaroon! Perfect way to end the night!
Girls night out with Ginger, Rina and me

Treat your loved ones to a dining experience they won’t forget this Christmas. For reservations, please call 556.9068 or 0917.854.6673. You can also visit their website at to check out their menu and location map!

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