Global Academy’s Mini Billboards

This is the reason for our first photo shoot last September. I was preparing for my campaign for next year and this is the first installment of that campaign and it is now up in 3 mini billboards across makati. We decided to go with the theme of “Go with the Leader” because it has multiple meanings for our school.

This year we have proved the excellence and effectiveness of our training through our national and international competitions. We are always the school with the most number of gold medals from our country. We have also formed a new science lab department that delves into modern gastronomy. We are the front runners for a lot of things and this is what I would like to stress on for next year’s campaign.

I find it amusing that some schools have already copied my ads and advertorials. I guess I should be flattered and this just shows how we are the leaders even in this aspect. I take it as a compliment when people try to copy and emulate you. I wonder what other schools will do for next year—hhmmmm……will they also follow the leader? ;p

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