Just another photoshoot

We had another photoshoot yesterday in Global Makati. I can’t tell you just yet what the shoot was for but it’s for something new and exciting next year.

We had so much fun again in this shoot and I want to thank everyone who helped us make this possible–Chef Rob and his team from The Goose Station & The Epicurean Lab, Bambi Navarro, our make-up artist, Chef Mike, Chef Martha and the Alchemist team. Preparing what we’ll need for the shoot
Chef Rob and his toy (liquid nitrogen)Chef Rob and his toy (liquid nitrogen)This is our science lab in Global Academy
Ice Cream in a minute using liquid nitrogen–how cool is that?!Chef Mike’s turnNo more salad plating for Chef Mike ;pShe’s back with a vengeance!We missed you Chef Martha
Playing with his toy againThis pose was for me :pCake Decorating timeBambi with his creation (thanks to Chef Martha)Group shoot with Global Academy people plus Phoenix Group shoot with Global Academy people plus Phoenix Others start to join in!Wait for it….Wait for it….Here we go with the whole team!Pure wackiness and happiness!

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