Photoshoot photos

Here are some of the photos from our photoshoot last week for our ads next year and also for the mini billboards that we’re coming out with this month.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us with this. Words are not enough to express my deepest gratitude =)
Chef Rob with our alumniPaul, Myles, Jacq & OgieChef Rob in the gala uniformChef Rob with his apron onEveryone looks happy here except for Ogie =pProud to be from Global AcademyJacq is our 2 time gold awardee for HOFEX 2011 & PCC 2011Myles is one of our best performing students who is now part of Chef Rob’s team at The Goose StationPaul, our lone gold awardee in the PCC 2011 for his category who is now doing his internship at The Goose StationOgie graduated from our fast track and he is one of Chef Rob’s most valuable team members at The Goose Station. Apart from his cooking duties, he also started handling the purchasing of the restaurant. The team with Bambi (our hair and make-up artist), Dan, Fritzie & Gerry (the 3 are from Alchemist who handles all our graphic design needs and more), me, Chef Gigi & Chef Joy from the Epicurean Lab.Happiness at the end of the shoot =)

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