A successful alumni in Dubai

Chef Ching Yoingco forwarded a message to me about a week ago regarding one of our alumni, Paolo Russe Wayne Marfil Perido. He was awarded Chef of the Month in Atlantis the Palm Dubai. I was naturally very eager to get in touch with him to congratulate him in his success.

Paolo was very gracious enough to reply to me right away and he was also able to send a few photos of him at work and of his certificate. He also gave a brief testimonial to me about how Global Academy has helped him achieve his dreams.

Here is the message he gave me together with some photos:

“I was awarded Chef of the month at Atlantis the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai and never could my most incredible dream have lived up to the experience. I am very grateful to Global Academy for I am with utmost confidence that I am well prepared and trained for this work, I am very enthusiastic in applying what I have learned in the course of my education. My culinary school has taught me all the skills I need to know to step into the real world and all of which has added to the enrichment of my learning and it has been a total advantage for me today.”  –Paolo Perido I hope that his story may inspire more of our students to aim high for their dreams. Anything is possible as long as you put your heart and soul into it. If you know that this is really your calling then strive hard and to attain your dream.

To all the other alumni that we have that would like to share your story, please just send me a message and I am more than happy to hear what you have to say.

Here is a link to the place where Paolo is currently working:

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