Career Fair at Statefield School Inc.

Last Sept. 14, 2011 we went to Statefield School Inc. in Molino III, Bacoor Cavite to take part and participate in their Career Fair. I was expecting it to be traffic on the way there but surprisingly it took me less than 30 minutes to go there from Alabang because Daang hari wasn’t congested at all.

When I got there, I was greeted by their teachers and student volunteers and they were very kind and accommodating. They had ushers to show us exactly where to go and the kids were always smiling.

We didn’t have a given time to talk. We were only assigned booths together with the other schools present and the students were asked to go around to register and ask questions about our school. There were times that it became a bit overwhelming because the kids would flock to us in big groups but since they were all well behaved they weren’t that hard to talk to and manage either.

We do hope to see some of their 4th year students in our Alabang branch next year after they graduate =)

Here are some photos taken during that day:

Eizle & Irish with Chef Terence Fereday

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