2nd Philippine Culinary Cup

Last week was a very energy filled week for the whole school. We joined the 2nd Philippine Culinary Cup in SMX last Aug. 3-6 and we are just so happy and proud with the results. This was such a different experience from HOFEX in terms of the support that we had from our students, faculty, alumni and staff. It was an overwhelming feeling to see Global Academy united as one.

Personally, I believe that it was such a great victory for the school because we succeeded in the following aspects:

1. We got 3 gold medals which was one more than last year and we are the only school who was able to garner that much gold awards in the whole competition.

2. We were the only school to get a gold medal in two categories: the young chef’s team challenge(we got the highest gold here last year) and the lamb category. For our other gold medal in the pork category, we were the 2nd to the highest gold and the difference in the score was .05.

3. We entered with a delegation that was all students. This means that our students have gotten even higher ratings than other teachers and chefs from other schools and restaurants/hotels.

4. Because of our winnings, we have once again proven the excellence of our chef instructors and effectiveness of our school’s training.

5. Since this was a WACS accredited competition, the judging was based on international standards and judges from different countries of the world were there. This means that we were able to perform well to international standards once again.

6. We have showed our school spirit in this competition. We showed our unity in cheering for the different students that we had no matter what branch they were from. Our flags were waved by not only people from the school but also the judges of the competition.

Thank you to all our chef coaches, Vicki Choi of ESV Corp, students, staff and management who all worked hard together to be able to bring glory to our school and country once again.

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