Giving back

My sister-in-law wanted my niece to experience first hand how it is to help the less fortunate people out for her 11th birthday. They talked to Benny and asked him if they could fix an outreach program with the school. We asked Chef Vic Sanchez to head this and he decided to help the kids of Jesus loves the little kids foundation in Pasig.

Preparations for this consisted of getting students and alumni to help in the preparation of the food. We hired a magician host for that day so that the kids would also have fun and my in-laws bought the give-aways for the kids last monday.

We were really happy that our students and alumni volunteered and took time out of their busy schedules just to be able to help with the outreach program that day. Some of them went straight to their work and internship venues right after. It truly is a great joy to watch people giving in their time and effort to help others.

The kids had so much fun especially with the cupcake decorating contest. My niece even read a story to the younger kids. It was her first social outreach encounter and she really wanted to do things to make the kids of have a good time. These kids are orphaned, neglected, abandoned, and/or abused street children in Metro Manila. We were happy that even for just one day, we were able to affect their lives and bring smiles to their faces.

Here are some photos during that day:

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