Global Academy visits Miriam College

Yesterday, we were able to participate in the career fair of Miriam for their 4th year students. We were joined by the big universities and colleges in the country along with other non-traditional or alternative learning institutions.

I really feel that the students of Miriam are so lucky to have such a day given to them. Imagine having so many different schools presenting to you and telling you why you should pick their school for your college education. I have noticed that the courses in traditional schools have also grown together with the increase in non-tradional schools such as Global Academy.

I somehow envy the high school students now because so many options are readily available for them to choose from. Gone are the days when you could only take business management and communication arts. Now, they have the luxury of zeroing in on what they are most passionate about and try to make a career of that whether it be in fashion, exporting, entrepreneurship or cooking. So many things are made to be within their reach.

We were lucky to have been given the chance to address the students and let them ask questions about Global Academy. They were curious about what the employment opportunities are, what entrance exam they had to take and the like. Sir Mark Catarroja and Chef Gigi Almeda were there yesterday to answer their inquiries. I was amazed how many were actually very curious about having a career in the culinary industry.

I do think tho that these students still have this notion that being a Chef is a glamorous job when in fact it is not. It takes hard work, determination and passion to excel in this field. This also takes physical strength to be able to survive the long hours standing and carrying heavy loads in the kitchen. However, studying how to cook professionally can lead and open more doors for people. You will not be limited to cooking for a restaurant or hotel. You may be able to work in airlines, be a personal chef, go into catering, teach, write your own book of recipes, go into food trading, etc. There are so many possibilities as but you just have to prepared to put in the work to train.

We would like to thank Miriam College for having us yesterday. Here are some photos that I was able to take using my phone so I apologize for the pixelized images.












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