Drive and Determination can make you successful!

One of my good friends approached me after I announced in facebook that we were offering the culinary fast track last April in Pasig. She is a restauranteur and she wanted to gain some knowledge and experience in the kitchen for her business. Benny, Chef Greg and I all talked to her about what she’d be in for in fast track. This would be very rigorous in terms of the study and work hours. We did all that we could to let her know that she’d be in for some serious hardship.

In the end, she still persisted and told us that she really wanted to do this. Take note, my friend is a very busy person and her decision to take the fast track was really going to make her life hard for the next two months.

A few days into her course, Chef Vic suddenly calls Benny and tells him that our friend, Ria, was rushed to the ER because she cut her finger pretty bad and she needed stitches. We both felt really bad about this and we were scared that she would get disillusioned and scared because of what happened. We got to talk to her and she said that it was actually her fault because Chef Vic already told them in class to put a towel under the oysters when chucking them but she didn’t really take it to heart so she had to learn that lesson the hard way.

Apart from getting stitches in her finger, she had to get anti-tetanous shots. She was told by the doctor that she couldn’t go to school for at least three days. That was a long time especially for the ones taking fast track. Each day is very important because they cover so much in one day so missing three was hard. She had to make up for this while at the same time catch up to her classmates.

I visited her in Global Pasig just to check on how she’s holding up and that’s when she told me that she’s actually so happy with what she’s doing. She said that she was learning so much and her accident just made her more attentive and careful of what she did in class.

Last week, she invited us to her restaurant simulation. She took her restaurant simulation with another class because she was leaving this week for China. I do admire her drive and determination plus it’s hard to go on your restaurant week with people she was unfamiliar with.

I decided to share Ria’s story because I want her to serve as an inspiration to people who never want to push themselves and are too afraid of encountering hardships and blockages in their path to success. Ria is a mother who is finishing up her masters while taking up the fast track. Apart from her studies, she is also working–both as an architect and a restauranteur. She is very successful because she CHOOSES to study and to work hard. I hope that we can all learn from her.

Let us CHOOSE to be better. Let us CHOOSE to succeed!

Here are some photos from her restaurant simulation: 

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