School season has officially begun!

We have been quite busy for the past couple of weeks because of enrollment season. What do I mean by that? Enrollment or school season is the official start of classes for majority of the schools in the metro. We don’t really follow this calendar because we offer our professional courses all throughout the year in all of our branches BUT June is the month that we really start getting busy because people perceive this time as the right time to start taking classes.

Alabang, Makati and Pasig have started with their first two or three batches and Timog will be starting it’s first intake for the season on July. For those of you who would like to enroll in Timog, I have to tell you that it has a long list of waitlisted applicants already so I would suggest that you go to Pasig and apply there since it’s the nearest one to QC. We are happy to see new faces as we have welcomed them to our different branches. We are excited for what our new students can bring to our school once again.

The other BIG thing that has been keeping me busy is The Epicurean Lab. We will already be launching new classes for those who would like to supplement their knowledge with more advanced techniques and additional cuisines. We will be offering the International Cuisine, Moleculary Gastronomy, Sous Vide and Supreme Cuisine 1 this year! The good news is that this is open to students from different schools given that they have completed our requirements. I will give out more details about this within the week but this is something that we would want people to watch out for, especially our Alumni.


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