Global Academy Pasig Open House

Last June 8, we had our first ever open house in Pasig. I decided to have one because I wanted people to know that we have already moved our Pasig branch to a bigger and better location.

Originally, we were supposed to have the open house for three days then it became two then it became one whole day. The reason for this being that the chefs had too much work and were on a full schedule so I couldn’t pull them out for the open house that long. I am actually thankful to Chef Mike for allowing me to cancel classes in Pasig that day to make way for our open house.

Chef Benny and I were there early because I wanted to see how the preparations were coming along and if there were last minute changes that needed to be done. I had asked for the help of my good friends, LDL Marketing, to help us with this event. When I got there, last minute touch ups were being done to the stage. Things were pretty much on schedule.

Then it started to rain, just a light one at first then before 9am it was pouring outside. Guests who were supposed to come in at 9 started texting that they’ll go to the afternoon schedule instead. Thankfully, we did have bloggers who arrived so we started around 10:30am. Chef Benny gave his welcoming speech and this was followed by Chef Terence’s cooking demo and Chef Roel’s baking demo.

At around 1-1:30pm people really started coming in. I was so happy because we were so full that it was a bit hard to move around already. I think one of the factors why we seemed to have little room to move around also was that Chef Rob brought Global Academy’s sponsored soccer team, The International Football Club. They were BIG and TALL men–so much so that Chef Greg actually looked petite beside them. (I will show pictures of them in my next blogs)

There was a good stream of people coming in the whole afternoon. Some were from the media, industry partners and supporters of our school. We ended late that day, around 6:30pm and even if we were all tired from the day’s activities, we went home happy. We knew that we were able to showcase not only our Pasig branch but also the school.

Our Pasig branch symbolizes a lot for Global Academy. It was the first branch that the school opened and this was where we have undergone so many trials and triumphs. Our old Pasig branch stood for our humble beginnings and our new one stands for the fruits of all our employees and managers’ labor. We have gone a long way in improving our facilities because we want to give our students the best of what we can offer. Just like Chef Benny said in our open house, “Affordable Top Quality Culinary Education is indeed possible because of Global Academy”.

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