My Ryan Clift Experience

Last May 26-28 we were lucky to have been able to host a workshop by Chef Ryan Clift of the Tippling Club. He did demos and workshops on sous vide and modern gastronomy. Eating food prepared this way wasn’t new to me since Chef Rob & Sunshine of The Goose Station have been serving food cooked this way to us for a couple of years now.

However, eating and appreciating the food is different from actually having to listen as to how it is prepared and done.I know that it’s very scientific in its terms and processes. I am not a chef and there are times that it gets easy for someone like me to get lost when chefs start talking about cooking using all the culinary terms that I may or may not be familiar with.

I went to the workshops knowing that I’d be lost but much to my surprise, Chef Ryan was such an animated person who knew how to explain things in a simple way that someone like me actually understood what he was talking about. It was an experience that was both informative and fun because he was truly able to wow me with everything that he prepared. His creations are all so beautifully plated AND at the same time it was packed with so much flavor.

After witnessing his demos, that’s when I realized that he really puts in soooo much effort in the creation of a particular dish. Everything is done with calculated precision that I felt like he was in a science laboratory because he was very methodological in the creation of his dishes and cocktails. It was like being in a chemical laboratory of food.

I don’t think that I’d ever be able to find the right words to say about him and his work. Writing about him just doesn’t do him justice; you must see him in action to understand why I think he’s so great.

Everyone who attended his demos and workshops had nothing but praise for him. If you happen to be in Singapore and you would want to experience his food and cocktails then just go to his restaurant called The Tippling Club. I guarantee you that you’ll have a unique dining experience you will never forget.

Here are some photos of the participants of the workshops:

I will be posting photos of what Chef Ryan Clift prepared in my next blog so watch out for it!

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