HOFEX Day 4 Part 1

After our disheartening night, we all had to go back bright and early to the convention the next day because it was Chef Ching’s turn. He didn’t join the live cooking, he was assigned to do the Plated Appetizer Display. So we all met up at around 7am to watch and help Chef Ching and Jerwin (his student assistant) to set up.

Chef Ching and Jerwin haven’t been able to sleep yet because they had to prepare everything the night before. When we asked Chef Ching what he preferred to do–live cooking or the displays–he immediately answered live cooking! What he did was not easy, they were holed up in their room for two days prepping all the components of their display plus they encountered a bit of a problem sourcing out micro greens in hong kong. The good news is that we were at a hotel and food convention center so they were able to find a supplier just in the nick of time.

After a laborious morning, Chef Ching and Jerwin finished their set up and they got a bronze! This was great news for us because this category truly was unchartered territory for the whole team as this was the first time anyone joined a plated category. From the tired looks on Chef Ching and Jerwin’s faces, we all knew how hard it was because it really kept them busy the whole time that we were in HK that they were barely able to go with us because what they were doing was so time consuming. We truly were very proud that they got a win out of this!

Here are some photos of their work:

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