HOFEX Day 4 Part 2

Apart from everyone that I mentioned, we had one more Chef who competed but he was under Pastry Alliance. Chef Roel Vargas and two of his team mates in Pastry Alliance joined the Live Baking Team Challenge. It was a two day competition and they started on friday afternoon then ended saturday afternoon.

I was lucky because I have tasted their product a number of times before since they practiced in Global Academy Makati. What they had to do was hard because they had to bring so much of their ingredients to HK and they had to create A LOT of different breads in a set amount of time.

At the end of the last day, they announced the winners of the Live Baking Team Challenge last and Chef Roel and his team won Silver! It was truly a great way to end the competition not only for Global Academy but also for our country. We were happy to have been able to win 7 medals and this was a big thing because we were able to prove that we Filipinos can excel in the international arena.

Here are some photos of Chef Roel and his team’s creations:

More photos of the awarding to follow!

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