We only had one competition on day 2 which was Jacqueline Monteverde. She was competing in the Western Hot Cooking Under 25 Apprentists; ‘US’ Rock Cornish Game Hen. Before I left to go to the convention center, I bumped into Jacqueline as she was on her way out to meet the other participants in the serviced apartment that they stayed in. When I asked her if she was able to sleep, she cheerfully said yes because she was so tired from prepping.

When I got to the convention center, I was faced by a more somber Jacqueline. For those don’t know her, she is a very lively and chatty person so when she only gave people smiles before her turn, I knew she was nervous. When she started, I was truly surprised at how different she was from her normal self. She was so focused and serious. She encountered a couple of bumps like her sausage breaking (good thing she made extra as a buffer for things like this) but she just continued strong all throughout her heat. We did get a little bit nervous because so many judges kept on going to her and talking to her while prepping and cooking that we were afraid she would get distracted but amazingly she didn’t.

The judges loved her dish and told her that they think she would be very happy with the result during her de-briefing. We all got excited but were nervously wondering, “what could that mean? does that translate to a gold or silver or bronze?”. When the results were in and we found out that she got gold, we were simply ecstatic! This was so great because one of our students has won the gold medal in an international competition! That was BIG! A HUGE success!

Here are some photos from that day:

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