HOFEX May 11-Part 2

A few minutes after Chef Brando finished his turn, Chef Mike was brisk walking towards us with a smile. He then said “Silver”. When all of us didn’t react, he said again “Silver si Greg”. We were all caught offguard and ended up shouting different things such as Yeah!, Congrats, Woohoo! It was a great way to end the first half of our day. Now we had to wait for Chef Brando’s result.

After a couple of hours, we found out that Chef Brando got a silver medal as well. We were all ecstatic about the outcome of our first two competitions. Because the awarding of silver and bronze was held on the same day, we all went back to the convention center at 4pm for the awarding.

Here are some photos:

Chef Greg and Chef Brando were so happy. We all were on a high. Jacqueline was getting a bit nervous already since her competition was the next day so she immediately went back to the serviced apartment to prep her ingredients right after the competition. Her story is for day 2 of our HOFEX trip.

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