HOFEX – May 11 Part 1

We had two competitions lined up for the first day. Chef Greg & Chef Brando were scheduled to compete this day and Benny & I woke up early so that we could be at the convention center by 615am.

Chef Greg was set to compete at 7am and he was a jumble of nerves when we got there. How did we know that he was nervous? He didn’t tell us of course but we knew since he was more quiet and reserved. He kept pacing back and forth and was rapidly losing color on his face. He kept on saying, let’s just start and get this over and done with. Since I was the assigned photographer of the event I took the liberty of taking photos of him before his competition. Check it out:

This was Chef Greg’s first time to compete and he did encounter some problems with his potatoes towards the end but thankfully he was able to jump it off (literally and figuratively). He was able to plate and serve his dish just in the nick of time and we were all left breathless afterwards. It definitely was very exciting for our first round. Here are some more pictures of him during his leg of the competition:

Our first day was far from over because Chef Brando was next in line. Chef Brando was looking very calm and relaxed. He still managed to smile and joke around with all of us. The only telltale sign that he was nervous was that his hands were ice cold! When he asked me to feel his hands, I was surprised to by how cold they were. It was like he dried his hands on a cold blower and it left his fingers freezing.

Here are some photos of Chef Brando before his turn at the live cooking competition:

Chef Brando had a smooth run. He encountered no visible problems and he was one of the first to finish and plate his dish. Here are some photos of him in action:

Competitions for Global Academy that day were done BUT results and awarding came afterwards so check in every now and then to see the continuation of this day.


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