My HOFEX 2011 Experience

A brief background about HOFEX:

“Asia’s leading and most anticipated Food and Hospitality Trade Show–HOFEX 2011—continued to flourish at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre as it successfully showcased the best of Food and Beverages, Equipment, Supplies, Services and Hospitality Technologies last May 11-14.

One of the event’s highlights was the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic (HKICC). A prestigious culinary event, the HKICC 2011 returned as one of the only four culinary competitions endorsed by WACS – World Association of Chefs Societies. It has become an excellent arena for apprentice and industry professionals to showcase their culinary talents and exchange experiences and ideas within the regional culinary community.”

Benny has been wanting to join an international competition such as this so that we may be able to once and for all gauge the skills of our students and instructors in the global arena. He felt that this was one of the ways that we could prove our effectiveness as a school.

We are all happy with the outcome of our first experience in an international competition. We were able to have a 100% showing; which means that we placed and garnered a medal in every category that we joined. Another milestone that we have created was that we were the first culinary school in the Philippines to get a gold medal in the Under 25 Apprentists Category in HOFEX. This was a BIG win for us and we are all so proud of all our participants. All the hard work that they did really paid off.

I remember that a lot of them were so busy with their work schedules that they started to practice and coach a bit later than when they would have wanted so they were practicing until about two days before they left for Hong Kong.

What happened in Hong Kong to Global Academy was amazing. I was thinking in my head that we were able to finally prove what we as a team and the school has to offer. I will talk more about in my succeeding entries because I will chronicle what happened to us from May 11-14 so watch out for it!

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