Welcome to my working world!

Global Academy is the brainchild of my husband, Benny Ledesma Jr, and our dear friend Mr. Roberto Pengson. I have been witness to Global’s growing pains and successes. I used to be someone who would just be at the sidelines and I would give my inputs every now and then but it was only last August 2010 that I officially joined the team.

I am in a unique position when it comes to working in Global because I may be the brand manager but I am exposed to everything that’s happening in the company because I hear about it from both Benny and Rob. I have decided to make myself a good resource material of the school and start documenting my experiences so that I may share them with our students, employees, suppliers and whoever wants to know more about Global Academy.

I do hope that you support me and follow this blog as I plan to make it something that will be worth your while =)


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